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Do PBDOS apps/programs work in PhatLinux 3.2?

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  • Do PBDOS apps/programs work in PhatLinux 3.2?


    I am curious...Do PB3.x apps/games/programs run under Linux?
    Do they run in Linux's DOS emulation? I just installed PhatLinux 3.2 on my Windows system to run Windows and Linux programs on the same machine.



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    If "PhatLinux" supports or emulates DOS 3.3 or better, then it just may work.

    I have no personal experience with Unix of any variety (so far), so it strikes me that you are in the best position to find out if they will work as you have the "PhatLinux" installed to test with! I'd be interested in any results you can gather.

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      All x86 linux distros can support dos applications by way of a program called the DOS Emulator. I think it can be found at It's a little difficult to compile and set up, but I've successfully booted up MS DOS 7 (Win 95 dos mode), Caldera DOS 7, as well as FreeDOS 1.0. All seemed to work just fine, even giving me access to the CDROM drive, floppy, expanded and extended memory, and could run some DPMI extended (32bit) DOS programs. It runs PB very well, although graphics support (at least for 16 color mode) doesn't work right. Any 256 color mode works fine, so many DOS games run. If you run DOSEMU on a virtual console, it can skip emulation and access the video directly, and in that mode, (full-screen vs windowed), I can run any PB graphics mode and run most DOS games, even with sound.

      So the answer is yes, phatlinux can probably do it, you just need to install and configure the software. dosemu ships with a freedos image, but you can replace it with MS DOS 6.2x or even Windows 95 DOS mode without problems.