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PB Vision for 32-Bit Windows

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  • PB Vision for 32-Bit Windows

    Anyone know of a screen/input handler
    that works like PB Vision? Moving
    DOS apps and it sure would be nice.
    Looking for a sophisticated one with masked
    input fields.

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    Try Superior Software.

    They have a whole set of FRAME routines, one of which is an INPUT
    frame. The programer specifies not only the data type to be entered, but alos any characteristics (formats, masks) each has.

    Superior Software
    9685 Huntington Park Drive
    Strongsville, OH 44136-2509
    (440) 572-1045


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      Do you have a URL for them?
      Tried metacrawler, unsucessfully.



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        FYI, Superior Software is Pat's own company. I do not know if he has a web site.

        And now for some shameless self-promotion: My company, Information Management Systems, Inc., publishes the Full Power Toolbox, which includes pretty extensive data entry routines (including masked entry). There is no screen painter--the code is accessed through procedure and function calls, but the routines have options that allow you to exert extensive control over the data entry: Six editing modes, ten field types (e.g. numeric, floating point numeric, forced uppercase alphabetic, masked entry, etc.), password entry mode (echo back the character of your choice, such as *, or nothing at all), post-entry data validation, support for external, user-defined editing routines, and separate colors for the prompt, the field during editing, and the field after editing.

        Once the field is being edited, you can toggle between insert and overwrite modes, delete, backspace, delete to end of line, delete to beginning of line, delete to end of current word, or delete the entire field contents. Ctrl-Backspace restores the field to its contents when you entered the field (in case you wish to discard your changes). Use the left and right arrow keys to move one character at a time, Ctrl-arrow key to move from word to word, Home to move to the beginning of the field, or End to move to the end of the data.

        The data entry routines are a small (but significant) part of the package, and we have versions available for both PB/DOS and PB/Console Compiler. And you get the complete, well-documented source code, just in case you'd like to change anything.

        More information is at (DOS version) or (Console Compiler version).


        Alan C. Earnshaw
        Information Management Systems, Inc.
        Alan C. Earnshaw
        Information Management Systems, Inc.


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          I wrote routines that are commerically used
          in some development packages. I'm looking
          for a form designer with compressed image library.



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            Mike --

            You said "Moving DOS apps..."

            Are you looking for a package that will work with PB/DOS, or with PB/CC?

            -- Eric

            Perfect Sync: Perfect Sync Development Tools
            Email: mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

            "Not my circus, not my monkeys."


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              PB/CC. I'm still working in DOS and writing code
              that allows the two to talk to each other.
              This is only borrowing time. I converting from
              Btrieve to CodeBase.