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PDS/QB commands ---> PBDOS v3.50 commands

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  • PDS/QB commands ---> PBDOS v3.50 commands

    Hi Lance,

    I have I few days ago I think 10 years ago written an application in QB45 and the name is een editor very good loking with menu's en the tool PBCLONE from Tom Hanlin.
    I like again to that program and I tryed written in PowerBasic for dos but there are a few errors

    I have the next commands that have errors

    - COMMON SHARED AantalLijnen%, OutX%, Sc%, UpperScreen%
    - CONST Backspace = 8
    - DIM SHARED OutScreen%(4000)
    - COMMON SHARED /Editor/Scherm%

    Can you please give me the solution to converted it to PBDOS?

    Kind Regards,


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    Stephane --

    All of those things (and more) are covered in the PB/DOS User's Guide, in the section called Appendix A - Moving to PB.

    -- Eric

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