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Problem with PLAY

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  • Problem with PLAY

    I am in the process of writing a program that has the following PLAY
    routines in it.
    PLAY "MF 03 L6 C C C L4 < G l6 > E E E C"
    PLAY "MF 01 L4 G G L8 G L4 G L4 B- L8 A L4 A L6 G L4 G L6 F+ L4 G"
    PLAY "T240 MF C F A> C. < A > 03C"
    On the first two PLAY statements they don't play and I get "Illegal
    function call. On the third it plays then gives me the same message.
    When put an error trap in I get: Error 5 in line 0.
    Can someone tell me what the problem is?
    Fred K


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    In the first 2 lines, the Octave call should be the letter O, not a zero 0.
    ie. MF O3 and MF O1
    In the third line, remove the . after the C and change the final letters to O3C


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      Thanks Ian
      That was simple.