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Making a demo program

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  • Lance Edmonds
    Try Dave Navarro's VGA Fade routines at

    Regarding the "demo", you could just make a series of slides appear to look like your program, or you could actually use your program along with something like "PBRecorder" to playback a prerecorded series of mouse and/or keyboard actions to run your app in real time more.

    PBRecorder is a 3rd-party program and is distributed by (not written by them though) and according to the table in Basically Speaking magazine, it is still at Version 1.5. I've been waiting for an official update to this for about 2 years now, but it does come with source code so you can customize it (which I did heavily).

    Really, it comes down to how you want to do it, and how large you want the complete demo to be. Dynamically creating the screens with PB/Vision may work out smaller (in EXE size) than using a series of 640x480x16 VGA screen shots, but YMMV.

    Out of interest, has anyone else here used PBRecorder? If so, what were your impressions?

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  • Bobby Gage
    Guest started a topic Making a demo program

    Making a demo program

    I would like to make a demo program like PowerBasic's PB/Vision. I use PB/Vision and I would like to take a few screen snipets and fade them in and out as a presintation.

    I know how to fade the screen but don't know how to make a slide show of my current program. Do I need to make a TSR? Should I add some code to my program?

    Are the screen shot's BMPs or simply a screen memory dump?

    Any help in this would be good.

    This needs to be a stand alone EXE and smaller then my program. Along the line that the demo for PB/Vision is.

    Bobby Gage II

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