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What is the proper way to define the handler for an interrupt

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  • What is the proper way to define the handler for an interrupt

    For instance, I use setintvector function to set the codeseg and offset of an interrupt handler, but what is the proper way to define the function?
    If seen

    in pb apps
    blah blah

    and i have seen (in c apps)

    void interrupt thisFunction(unsigned _es, etc..)

    and once the function is defined what is the proper way to get information from the registers?

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    The only time I've seen an ISR written with PB/DOS, it was written by Dave Navarro Jr. and Alan Earnshaw for an article they co-authoured for Basically Speaking magazine (now deceased).

    Let me see if I can find that issue..

    Found it...

    Volume 6, Issue 11, August 1997... article "A PowerBASIC ISR Framework." It describes exactly how to write and call an interrupt service routine.

    The article refers also to a keyboard handler described in Volume 6 Issue 10 July 1997.

    The code listings are public domain, available at the Information Mangagment Systems web site, let me see if I can get a URL for you...yup, here's the code archives page..

    For the (copyrighted) article text, you'll need to purchase a back issue. Start here:

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