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Can't get EMS for a PB program under Vista

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  • Davide Vecchi
    Web searches seem to suggest that EMS isn't available under Vista period. The most direct hint is this, but I saw more ones, none from Microsoft though.

    Searching for "EMS" at the Vista section of gives zero results.

    Pages I visited point to the solution of using an EMS emulator, like EMS Magic, DOSBox, and other ones I can't find references of anymore.

    At this page it's reported that using VirtualPC to emulate a pre-Vista Windows version works fine, that's not a great option for the user but might be just perfect for the developer.

    I'm not 100% convinced yet that EMS under Vista is simply unsupported. I'd have liked to find an unambiguous statement from Microsoft saying so, but I didn't find one. And why the shortcut properties do show the option to supply EMS memory to the DOS program, I don't know.

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  • Davide Vecchi
    started a topic Can't get EMS for a PB program under Vista

    Can't get EMS for a PB program under Vista

    In XP and 2000, in every new installation of my PB/DOS app using virtual arrays, I just had to edit the shortcut properties, tab "Memory", changing the "Expanded memory" value from "None" to 16384. If I don't do that, I get error 202, which I can't find in the doc but I remember to be related to missing EMS (other threads I found do suggest so as well).

    Now, the same modification of the shortcut doesn't seem to work under Vista. I keep getting the error 202 even after I modified the shortcut properties in the same way I modify it under XP/2000, that is to provide 16 MB of EMS.

    Under Vista the shortcut properties also show a "Compatibility" tab, which allows to "Run the program in compatibility mode for [a previous Windows version]". I tried setting that to all the available versions (from XP down to 95), but the error 202 always occurs. It seems that the 16 MB of EMS aren't actually set up.

    Any ideas ?

    I found this thread that might relate to this problem (post #9 and #11), but it sounds like a bit of a hack under Vista... it dates back to Win 3.1... In Vista I have several system.ini files, and I'd have to fight with Vista to modify them due to being in protected positions, and I'm not sure it will work and it won't make the system unstable: one thing I learnt is that you better play within the rules with Vista, or you better don't use it. I'll try this just like a last resort.
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