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Expand Floppy Drive FAT

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  • Expand Floppy Drive FAT

    Is there a way to expand the FILE ALLOCATION TABLE on a 3.5
    Running out of Allocation Table Space, I have a large
    number of small files, the Disk is only partically used.

    File Compression is my second choice, but I'd just like to know.



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    If I remember correctly, the root directory is limited to about 128 entries. however, subdirectories are not limited. So, save the files in a subdirectory. There should be ample room in a single subdirectory for all the small files you have.

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      The cluster size on a 3.5" HD floppy disk is 512 bytes. Thus, files occupy space in increments of 512 bytes. If you had a 513 byte file, it would occupy two clusters of 512 bytes each, with 511 bytes of the second cluster unused.

      To my knowledge, you cannot change the cluster size on a 3.5" disk. Besides, 512 bytes is pretty granular. (Most hard drives have 8192, 16384, or 32768 byte clusters.)

      If you really have a lot of slack space, compression is your only choice to recover it.


      P.S. I suspect if you managed to change the cluster size on your floppy disk, it would become unreadable. I think DOS is hard coded for specific sector sizes.

      Alan C. Earnshaw
      Information Management Systems, Inc.
      Alan C. Earnshaw
      Information Management Systems, Inc.


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        Actually, you can set the cluster size and root directory
        entries to anything you want. MicroSoft's DMF format, for
        example, use a 2K cluster size and a 16 entry root directory.

        You do this using special formatting tools like Christoph
        Hochstatter's FDFORMAT.

        Get it at

        FDFORMAT will also let you format to a capacity of 1.73K (you
        have to use it from pure DOS to get the higher capacities, but
        Windows can handle the disks after they are formatted).



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          Compression Looks Better, Thanks.

          I don't as yet know what to do with a .lzh file, my netscape
          opened the file in the Browser, so saving it as SOURCE to my
          HD, doesn't make me feel like its a good copy, but last, I
          don't have any thing to uncompress it with. If you can help
          please email me, [email protected]



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            Try here for LHA