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Config.sys and missing Shell Statement

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  • Config.sys and missing Shell Statement

    This is the first time I've encountered this problem. In my DOS app,
    I have this SHELL statement:

    Shell "COPY .\Template\Measured.Set .\Template\Measured.Bak >Silent.tmp"

    The .\Template\Measured.Set file exists and .\Template\Measured.bak
    does not. On most Win 9x machines the program runs without any
    apparent problem. However, I encountered a computer a couple of days ago
    with Win 98 that would generate an Error 76 at this statement.

    After changing the obvious code many times without any success, I
    decided to create a batch file with the above "copy" statement in it.
    On executing it the OS reports that C:\DOS\ cannot be found.

    I assumed that WIN 9x already knew where it had installed
    Well, I obliged and put a copy of in a C:\DOS folder and now
    the Shell statement works (on that computer.)

    A better fix would be to put a SHELL statement inside CONFIG.SYS
    with the path to the file.

    Was I just lucky and on every other computer the program runs on there just
    happens to be a file in the root directory of the boot drive?

    How could WINDOWS not be concerned about the whereabouts of


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    It sounds to me like you originally formatted the drive under
    DOS 6.x or something similar then installed Windows. Under DOS,
    COMMAND.COM is usually located in the "C:\DOS" sub-directory.

    When Windows 9.x is installed the new COMMAND.COM is usually
    located in "C:\WINDOWS" or "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND" sub-directory,
    leaving the orginal "C:\DOS\COMMAND.COM" unchanged or at least

    During the install process, Windows updates the line it needs to
    convert in the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files. If it does not
    need to convert a line for its own use, it leaves it alone. That
    leaves you to convert lines manually. Converting these lines
    manually is usually a big fat pain but it's a necessary evil.

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