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Split screen

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  • Split screen

    Is there anyway one can have a split screen where say the top part operates with the text, "screen 0" and the lower part operates with say screen 12?

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    No. A screen mode always involves the entire screen.



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      Tom,Lance, or...

      Not sure if I'm missing something here but LOCATE operates on screen 12 at a text resolution of 30x80 and view and window allow graphics operations.
      I've been playing with this tonight because I want to have a graphics "window" in the upper right 1/4 of screen, and text everywhere else. So the screen is all graphics, but the text overlays and appears to work just like screen 0 , except:

      The color command rewrites the screen with whatever last value was used.seems to affect the background color only. previously written foreground text is okay. I've read the pb35 manual and online help for palette, palette using,color and screen. Not sure how to change just parts of the screen to desired colors.

      Maybe this is what tom meant



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        I've used something similar to the following Example to recolor
        certin areas of a Text Screen, I haven't tried it on text
        in a graphic screen. Maybe it will work for you.

        FOR x = 1 TO 2000 : PRINT CHR$(176); : NEXT x
                TopRow% = 10   'Location of text area you wish to recolor
                LeftCol% = 40
                BottomRow% = 15
                RightCol% = 60
                color 1, 3                   ' put in your desired color
             FOR row% = TopRow% TO BottomRow%
                 For col% = LeftCol% to RightCol%
                       LOCATE row%, col%
                       Print CHR$(SCREEN(row%, col%))
                 Next col%
             NEXT row%



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          and search for recolor in PB section