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  • Screen.exe

    Way back in the ninties, I was DOS programming with a tool that had the name of SCREEN.EXE. It allowed me to create what a 25 row (actually only 24 rows) screen would look like including the different colors. It produced a set of screen design saving options like: BASIC code (actually would write the BASIC code for me if I used that method), ANSI code (used it a lot for full BAT screens including color) or BSAVEd the screen. I used the BSAVE screen alot.

    I just got back into DOS programming to maintain some of my old DOS programs. I can't find it anymore off my old floppies and was wondering if anyone here remembers it. It was MOST useful. Saved me from having to create all those DOS BASIC screens!!!!

    I would be willing to purchase it again, if necessary. But someone needs to tell me where I can find it again. I don't think it was SHAREWARE. I went thru over 10 pages of a Google Search, but no luck!


    John Gargis

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    You may take a look at Conascii.
    Almost surely it wasn't this, but it seem a capable tool.

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      I searched through my old files from the same era and found several that loosely fit your description. The closest fit was this one.

      '============ cut & paste from page 1 of its .Doc file =======

      P-Screen (tm) Programmers' Edition

      Version 5.5 10/94

      Professional screen design and screen management for DOS users
      and ANY programmer (C, Pascal, Basic or PowerBasic (3.0C+)).

      BE SURE to read the sections announcing P~F Presents and Font Pak.

      ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ NOTE ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ

      If your printer CANNOT print the lines, boxes and shading
      in this manual, BEFORE you print this, read UTILITY.DOC,
      especially the section on using TRANSLAT.EXE.

      To keep this manual as short as possible, we've included
      several other "DOC" files which describe things that may
      interest you. Print and read only what you need:

      What's.New PLEASE read this (especially previous users!).
      PS-Pro.Doc " " (especially BASIC programmers!).
      A86.Doc Explains how to use A86.Com (included) to
      create "callable" screens.

      Utility.Doc Describes how to use Ruler.Exe, Manager.Exe
      Capture.Exe and Translat.Exe.

      Catalog.Doc Describes our many programs.
      To-Order.Doc An order form.


      Copyright (C) 1988-1994, Rob W. Smetana and Pro~Formance

      P-Screen, it's manual and supporting materials are protected by
      U.S. and International Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved.

      P-Screen, P-Screen Professional, P~F Presents, Font Pak Pro,
      P~F and Pro~Formance are Trademarks of Rob W. Smetana

      For information or support, call or write:

      Rob W. Smetana 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, Ca. 94117

      Phone: (415) 863-0530 (9-6 Pacific time please)


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        The best (PB/)DOS screen designer I've worked with so far, was/is PB/Vision.


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          Re: SCREEN.EXE

          Thank you for your comments. Turns out that I have PB/Vision, just never got started using it before Windows got my fancy. Did all my stuff in SCREEN.EXE and PB.


          Originally posted by Knuth Konrad View Post
          The best (PB/)DOS screen designer I've worked with so far, was/is PB/Vision.


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            Originally posted by Marco Pontello View Post
            You may take a look at Conascii.
            Almost surely it wasn't this, but it seem a capable tool.

            Ok, but where do I find it? Its not the name I remember, but am willing to look!


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              Sounds like it! Do you have an eMail address? Failing eMail, I will contact him in CA.


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                Looks like it's the CAPTFIL and/or CAPTXT programs on the download link at the referenced page.

                (After you get rid of the standard 'tripod' popup crap. I hate going to tripod sites.)
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                  I didn't find an email address but did find out that a newer version (1997) is available on the PB download site. Look for, by Rob Smetana. It is listed as shareware.

                  added a few minutes later: This is the company's download site & it would have an email address, if you still need it
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                    I will check it out...

                    Thanks again.


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                      Well, I just downloaded the one from PowerBASIC and the one from P-Screen. I will test them and see which is the latest one (or really, the most capiable one).
                      Again, thanks...


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                        To get the download link for Conascii, you have to scroll down to the bottom of home page for it. Turn on your Popup blocker, free sites tend to throw all kinds of stuff at you.

                        Conascii runs in a Window and not fullscreen and its written in PBCC.


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                          OK, I checked the two P-Screen.exe programs that I downloaded. Both are the same, Version: 6. It actually appears to be even better than my old memories of SCREEN.EXE. It within reason also as far as purchase price too! I haven't checked CONASCI.EXE yet. I shall do that now. But this is all you will hear from me on the subject.

                          Thank you all very much...
                          John Gargis