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New IDE for PowerBasic for DOS with PBVISION/WORKSHOP

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  • New IDE for PowerBasic for DOS with PBVISION/WORKSHOP

    Hi Tom, Lance

    It's possiblity to rebuild and programming an professional IDE with
    the tool PBVISION/WORKSHOP. It's very easy.

    Build-in DPMI Support (Protected mode) for building large

    More options for the linker and compiler.
    Color Syntax highlihting for each item seperately.



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    Hate to be rude, but if you were to continuously and repeatedly
    post things like this, I would just start deleting your posts.

    You are asking for too much stuff to be included within the
    language/IDE. When things like this are integrated into a
    programming language or environment you get large, bloated, and
    ultimately slow software. (example: Windows)

    Most people using PowerBASIC for DOS use it necause it is fast,
    and gives them the flexibility to create these elements by

    If you like other IDEs, maybe you should get one. RHIDE (for DJGPP)
    can easily be configured to use PowerBASIC as it's default compiler.

    There are even keyword highlight and definition files for the BASIC
    language available for it. It would be very easy to modify these
    items for PowerBASIC specifically.

    In my opinion, the PowerBASIC IDE is great. It doesn't have all
    of that extra stuff to cloud the task at hand.

    I am not doing this to flame you out of the forum or anything, I
    am just pointing out other issues that you seem to be ignoring.