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    I've been doing some maintanence on one of my PB/DOS applications, and I'm testing the app under Windows 2000... If found that in some circumstances, the CLOSE statement takes a long time to execute... several seconds in fact. The exact same code runs at the "expected" normal speed under all other versions of Windows and MSDOS. Whilst this statement is slower in Win2k, it still works perfectly... no errors are reported, and the file is successfully closed.

    Very perplexing!

    Specifically, this happens with only one RANDOM file, and this file happens to be the only one to use a MAP'ped buffer instead of a UDT for data I/O. The file is very large... over 14Mb, and is not on a network drive.

    I've considered changing this file to use UDT access but I just don't see how this could possibly be a factor.

    Anyway, I'm interested to know if anyone else has noticed this O/S behavior... any comments would be appreciated.

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    Lance, although I do not have W2K, I have noticed similar behavior on W95 when shelling from a DOS app to a PBDLL app that creates a file and then attempting to open the file in the DOS app. I've had to put in an error trap in the DOS app to allow enough time for the app to close. The file created by the PBDLL app is only 4K and I use FLUSH before CLOSE.

    Walt Decker