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Which embedded PC? - Which DOS?

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  • Which embedded PC? - Which DOS?

    Hi All,

    I am looking at using PB-DOS to build some applications to run on low cost single board PCs. I have done things in the past for the Palm (using NSbasic) and the Wilke Tiger so I have plenty of code to reuse.

    My first question is: Which DOS is best? These are commercial applications that I will need to support. I read the thread on this subject from late 2005 but now FreeDOS is V. 1.0. DR-DOS does what I want but is FreeDOS better? One possible advantage of FreeDOS is that it looks like I can use the FTDI USB-Serial adapter with it and use devices with no on-board COM ports.

    The next question is: Where do I find good hardware? These need to boot on power-up and have a watchdog timer so netbooks and net-tops are out. VersaLogic does lovely SBCs with bullet-proof reliability at a price. I have found some nice cheap ($150) PCs in Taiwan. Speed and disk space are not important. A 486-33 is plenty.

    Can anyone please point me towards suppliers of good low-cost x86 SBCs.

    Thanks in advance,