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Using Soft-ICE with PowerBasic for DOS

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  • Using Soft-ICE with PowerBasic for DOS

    I need to debug a particularly difficult problem with a client's
    PowerBasic program. Has anyone found a way to use Numega's
    Soft-ICE with PowerBasic for DOS?

    It should go without saying that I need to see the Basic source
    code in Soft-ICE. I've had no luck using Soft-ICE's MSYM with
    the .MAP files from PowerBasic.

    I have Soft-ICE for ALL platforms, but need to debug this under

    Thanks to anyone who has an answer.

    Best regards,


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    Apparently some early versions of Borlands Turbo Debugger could work with PB/DOS. IIRC, version 1.4 or possibly one version earlier was the cut-off point for compatibility.

    That said, I'm unclear as to what you need to debug? Can you describe the problem and what it is you need to fix? Can you not use the PB Debugger to solve the problem?

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      My client has succeeded in writing a program using PowerBASIC v3.2 that runs fine on some computer mother boards but causes a processor exception (#6 Invalid Opcode) on others. Sometimes this can be "fixed" by disabling all caching on the CPU and motherboard.

      Since the use of the software is in an embedded system, their solution up until this point was to only buy motherboards that the software works with correctly. Time marches on and this is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to do.

      I'll be flying across the country in 4 days to attempt to find a real solution. I've bought my own copy of PowerBASIC (v3.5) and was hoping to use Soft-ICE to catch the bug, as it has served me very well for many years now for this sort of thing.




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        The settings of the compiler options might cause a compatability problem. Under Options,Compiler, they might set it to compile with only 80286 opcodes and set Floating Point to Procedure.

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