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file copy code in pb3.5

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  • file copy code in pb3.5

    in pb3.5, i need to be able to copy files of various sizes
    from one drive (in a 3.11 network) to another system drive

    some are executable up to 430k
    some are chain files up to 60k
    some are data files (arrays and simple sequential) from 2k to 5k

    hopefully in a simple manner like
    copy drive f:\dir\filename.*
    to drive c:\dir\

    any suggestions?


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    Take a look in the EXAMPLE subdirectory under the PB35 directory. In it, there is a file named DOSUNIT.BAS, and this file contains the code to a CopyFile function that should do just what you need.

    (There are other commercial options, including one or two from my company, but you should already have this one on your hard disk, and it's paid for.)


    Alan C. Earnshaw
    Information Management Systems, Inc.
    Alan C. Earnshaw
    Information Management Systems, Inc.