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Clock in the Corner using a BASIC ISR

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  • Clock in the Corner using a BASIC ISR

    (This is about Tom Hanlin's comment on the code posted by
    Dave Navarro in the Source Code section)

    Thank you, Tom, for your aclaration. I had tried several times to
    apply this code in rather complex situations (for example,
    hooking a procedure which modifies a graphics display to
    Interrupt 1Ch). I never found out why these programs crashed!
    So the only solution seems to be to learn more assembler and
    write my interrupt handlers all in assembler .

    Hans Ruegg

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    Assembly language is good for you. Builds character!

    However, if the interrupt service doesn't need to run instantly, you might look into UEVENT. With UEVENT, you write a tiny routine in assembly language to set the UEVENT flag. Then, when it's safe to do so, PowerBASIC will transfer control to your ON UEVENT routine, which is free to use BASIC code.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff