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system lockup calling SHELL

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  • system lockup calling SHELL

    I received a trouble call several weeks ago reguarding the users
    inability to complete data sorts that have been working for

    Our DOS software (pb 3.2) has been rock solid for years ..

    Now the second trouble call for the same problem:
    both users are under WIN98)
    When the software detects a need to sort its (the) isam index
    the system hangs - locks up.
    (when shelling out to a sort.exe routine)
    This requires ctl alt del to get going again. Then the shell sort
    will work after re logging in to our system (dos from an Icon).

    I suppose the SHELL.DLL in c:\windows\system is the called pgm
    when a shell "xxx cmd is processed.

    Has anybody come across this and I just missed it on this forum ?

    Thanks to everyone in advance...

    Jim Gillem, Owner Magnum Software ( 1-800-900-5909


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    There are absolutely no known issues with SHELL in PB/DOS, barring problems caused by low memory, etc.

    The problem has to be external to your application. For example, as you are not specifying a path to SORT.EXE, and not specifying the file extension, your code may be executing ome other application or batch file that exists in the PATH. For example, the customers concerned could have installed some other software that includes a file called "SORT".

    Food for thought... Good luck!

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