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DOS or Windows

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  • DOS or Windows

    i want to ask you a question and maybe u can help
    me to decide.

    is there today any chance for programs in dos or should
    they be bether real windows-programs

    does u see a chance that user like dosprorams, when they have a
    grafical dos-windows?

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    It may depend on what program you are writing, what programming language you are writing it in, and the users of the program.

    On experience, users *seem* to like DOS programs better than Windows since for the simple fact that they are DOS programs and work unconfusingly!

    Like I said, it really depends on this, this and that. but if you can write an intuitive, easy to use Windows App that the bulk of your users can adapt to, then go for it!


    Kev G Peel
    KGP Software
    Bridgwater, United Kingdom.
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>