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    I´m using a big database 3 MB with 300 fields per record.

    Now I´ve three notebooks and different users and I will
    not use a server to update the files. The users change
    different fields at the same time but may be in the same

    I think the best will be to change particular fields in a
    special update file to update the data.

    Any idea´s,examples, etc. how to do it sure and quick ???


    Matthias Kuhn


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    Match/Merge code is difficult at best, so I would not expect anything "sure and quick".

    You might look at a Windows(r) option I have never tried - "My Briefcase."

    I doubt it will work, because I think it just replaces like-named files with the most recent version based on timestamp.

    About the only way to do a good match-merge is to have a timestamp and maybe a user code as one of the 300 fields in a record; but this will also require each record to have a unique key, so you can find the like records in each file.

    Your thought - a "change record" - is a technique I have used, and it works pretty well, but it, too, requires a record key, and is not terrible easy to program.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      I'd use something like the OptTech Sort and
      use it's merge capability. Of course, you can
      write the code, but it would be hard to beat
      the performance of a utility written for this.

      The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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        thanks all for the ideas.

        Mike what is OptTech?

        Another idea:

        I could create a small working file of the main-file with only
        the needed fields and give the working-file to
        another user` PC over disk perhaps.

        He worked with a special Part-Programm to change the fields he

        When he finished he give the changed working-file back to update
        the main-file. Only the specials fields of the working-file will
        be updated.

        Good: No Datacrashes because all is separated. The user has his
        own Part-Programm and can only change special fields.
        The working file needs only less place.

        Bad: A lot of work to create the working files and the fitting

        Any other idea´s ???


        Matthias Kuhn



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          I've used the Opt-Tech sort for over 10 years
          in commercial DOS applications. It is also
          available for Windows. It is an extremely
          fast commerical sort/merge program that can
          be linked in DOS programs or called as a .DLL in Windows.
          It was made for doing things like you have mentioned
          and has the ability to sort in place, create index
          files, tag files, output subsets of records, count
          and many more things. Highly recommended.
          The DOS version is in assembler.

          The world is full of apathy, but who cares?