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Can PB3.5 (DOS) create BIN files directly?

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  • Can PB3.5 (DOS) create BIN files directly?

    is it possible, maybe a command line etc.. that PB3.5 (DOS) can instead of compiling to an EXE, maybe to a BIN file?

    I need PB to create it so that there is NO stack segment inserted into it. Is this possible?

    PB35 is the only 16-Bit programming DOS language I use. And I wanted to get really into it, when I realized I couldn't create a BIN file.. uhhhgg... I am hoping that maybe you have a hidden command line or something..


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    Sorry, PB/DOS does not support the creation of .BIN files...

    What do you want to achieve? Maybe we can make alternative suggestions if we knew more about your goal.

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