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  • what ?

    int10h hangs the program
    houw do i fiks the problem ?


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    sorry for the short messits
    i have a problem white int9h
    reading scancodes.
    houw do i read scancode for the keyboard
    jusing inp9 !!!!!



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      Er.... John... you start off asking about INT 10h, then switch to asking about INT 9h, then conclude with INP 9 (INT and INP are entirely different things)... so I have no idea what it is you really want an answer to.

      Maybe if you could phrase your question a little more clearly, giving some more details and maybe an example of the code you're trying to use? (Not to be snide, but paying closer attention to your spelling and punctuation would be helpful, too.)



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        INT 9 is a hardware interrupt used by keyboard device drivers to receive
        information (scan codes, command results) from the keyboard hardware. It
        is not an interrupt that you call from a program.

        What you probably want to use is one of the INT 16 functions, which work
        with the keyboard at a higher level.

        Tom Hanlin
        PowerBASIC Staff


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          It is not easy to exchange information when English
          is not your first language.

          You could try the Web Links from PowerBasic's Home Page,
          or these sites for further information about interrupts
          and programming techniques for DOS.

          For Ralph Brown't Interrrupt List:

          For the PBSound Site (German/English)

          The home of the Basic Gurus:


          [email protected]
          :) IRC :)


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            Hi Power Basic Staff,

            The way he writes "fiks" and "houw" tells me, mr. Writer is a Dutchman. Am I right?
            If that is the case the name Writer is probably not the guys' real name (it's English).
            I'm 62 years old now, but in all my life I never saw the name "Writer" in connection with a Dutch person.
            So I think John Writer is disobeying the rules of this forum.

            mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

            Egbert Zijlema, journalist and programmer (zijlema at basicguru dot eu)
            *** Opinions expressed here are not necessarily untrue ***


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              Anything is possible, so we'll give Mr Writer the benefit of the doubt for the moment. Mr Writers homepage is in the .NL region, so I suspect you may be right, Egbert.

              Mr Writer, can you please confirm your identity? As Egbert notes, the rules of this BBS are explicit: you may not use an Alias or a Handle. Please respond here or via email to Tech Support (address listed in my sig. line below).


              PowerBASIC Support
              mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
              mailto:[email protected]


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                Whoops - sorry about my earlier comment, then. I guess I hang around on the Usenet groups too much... there, misspellings like "fiks" and "messits" are usually a sure sign of some all-American teenage product of our public schools trying to get other people to do his homework assignment for him.



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