I have read here an old thread where Tom explained how
to set the Dos Timeout and Retry time for LPT Ports.

I have the problem that i buffer a data stream in
Expanded Memory so that i can play from that buffer
when network traffic is too much and i get not the data
immediatly. Thats the idea !

I hooked on critical error Int24 so i don't
see this "abort,retry,ignore" message
but my programm could't run properly because there
is always a dos retry timeout before this int24 is
called which i hooked.
And he told me then "Timeout" Great )))

I have tried before requesting new data
with functions like (driveexist, fileexist and so on)
to check if this ones returns immediatly
but all this **** dos functions returns after a few
seconds and the UventProzedur which should play in the
background is not called since any of this dos interupt
is back. (Perharps INDOS Flag is set so Uvent Routine
couldn't work - don't know if Power Basic asked for that
internaly )

So if there is no way to intercept this
my Expanded Memory Ringbuffer is 2 days work
for nothing and absolute obsolete. This would
make me very angry because he runs fine now.

Does anyone has therefore a (working) idea or
any workaround.

best regards