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To Primitive : PRINT, INPUT and LINE INPUT

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  • To Primitive : PRINT, INPUT and LINE INPUT

    Hi Tom & Landse,

    The keywords "PRINT [USING]", "INPUT" and LINE INPUT it's
    to primitive for the PowerBasic Compilers.
    I will see more advanced formatted input and output routines with
    more possibilities then what this current primitive keywords do

    This keywords produce to much and not efficient and produce slowly
    code. If I you input and output routines in QuickPak Professional
    library it's very faster.

    I introduce or suggest more advanced for reading en writing formatted
    datatypes like the functions in C (printf(), scanf(), putc(),puts()
    and getchar(), getch(), getche() like this or
    two very powererd functions for formatted all the datatypes in
    Example: FUNCTION PBFInput() like in c scanf()
    FUNCTION PBFPrint() like in c printf()

    And then others that produced leas code for input and output
    strings and characters

    I will see here code in public domain



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    Do you know about any Basic string commands?
    Like Str$(), VAL(), Mid$(), Left$(), Right$(), Trim$(),
    InStr() and Format$()

    I have never seen a print formating problem that was not very
    easily solved with Basic string commands, in fact string handling
    is of Basic's strongest good points when compared to other languages.




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      You should also read up on:
      INPUT, GET, PUT and INKEY$
      They will handle you file and keyboard input and output.