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PB 3.5 shell collapse using PKZIP

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  • Barry Erick
    Mel -
    I have no problem running PB for dos with Win98 in a window or
    a full screen mode. I still do checks on any bug reports for
    my various DOS programs under win 98.


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  • Mike Luther
    Thank you Lance.

    The debugging stuff is exactly what I am going through now. Of
    course the permutations and combinations are 1 in 10 to the n-1
    possibilities. It's a air number of miles back and forth to
    experiment. If the DMPI game isn't where it is at with -), then
    I'm considering writing a command line toggle to try the rest,
    with conditional execution prompted from outside the program.

    I really want to keep the utility. In practice, a 20MB archive
    of what is involved with PKZIP mushrooms into abou a 28MB archive
    with Info-Zip's tool. Doesn't sound like much, but at 28800 on
    some phone lines daily, that's a lot of time wasted day after
    day after day..

    Tnx ..

    Mike Luther
    [email protected]

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  • Lance Edmonds
    Years ago I saw a similar problem with "buggy" versions of NW-DOS 7. The answer at the time was to disable DPMI, etc.

    Try using some of the following PKZIP command-line switches:
    -3      Disable 32-bit instruction usage on 80386 or higher CPU's
    -^      Echo the command line
    -+      Disable Expanded Memory (EMS) usage
    --      Disable UMB/HMA Memory (XMS) usage
    -~      Disable Network usage
    -)      Disable 32 bit DPMI usage
    -(      Use "Slow" MemCopy

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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  • Mel Bishop
    I have a similar problem with Win98 trying to run PB for DOS.
    In a DOS window, in two words, "it don't". I THINK it has to
    do with 98's memory management or something similar. The only
    way I have been able to "fix" the problem is to F-8 and go with
    a pure DOS prompt. Most of the time, this works but on

    If you run across a solution, please let me know. Sorry I don't
    have an answer for you but thought you would like to know you
    are not alone.


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  • Mike Luther
    started a topic PB 3.5 shell collapse using PKZIP

    PB 3.5 shell collapse using PKZIP

    I've been using PB 3.5's Shell with the Ultrashell utility for a
    long time now and have never had a problem until this one.

    On WIN98 only, I hit an exception code error as PKZIP version 2.5,
    I think it is actually 2.504, appears to want to write output to
    the disk. PKZIP has never been used as a Shell-Child in anything I
    have done before, and this never showed up in DOS-VDM's in OS/2,
    nor in pure DOS boxes.

    It is not, one would think, a PB problem, nor, would I think from
    Ultrashell. Nor have I tried substituting Info-Zip's tools, which
    I will try also.

    I've tried resetting the memory sizes and switches in the WIN-98
    session properties box. There is plenty of memory there and nothing
    tried has been able to break the abend.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

    Mike Luther
    [email protected]