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incorrect fileaccess

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  • incorrect fileaccess

    we have powerbasic 3.50
    our programm works fine under w95 and w98.
    under w2k we get incorrect calculated data.
    if we call it first the sums are correct, the second time
    different records are not read correct and therefore the
    sums are false.
    have anybody an idea to resolve this problem ?
    what are the correct configuration in dosshell under w2k,
    specialy for powerbasic ?
    please help me.


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    There are no special settings that can cause this type of problem (unless it is related to Access Rights issues). Are you logged in as ADMINISTRATOR, or...?)

    It could be that there is some kind of file I/O error that your app is not catching (ie, ON [LOCAL] ERROR RESUME NEXT with no error testing), but without being able to see the code, it is difficult to provide anything more than a guess as to the cause.

    Can you please post the code that fails? Thanks!

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