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    extract long filenames

    My zipfiles contains longfilenames.

    The last eleven characters are always different.
    The first characters are always the same.

    I use pkunzip in dos on my C drive so i overwrite my files.

    Can someone write me this programm or were can I find it?




    If you are running in a DOS box under Windows 95, 98, or ME, you can upgrade
    to the latest PKZIP 2.50, which does support long filenames. Unfortunately,
    it doesn't support long filenames under Windows NT or 2000, or under plain
    DOS... in which case, you'll need to look elsewhere. If a Windows GUI product
    is ok for you, consider WinZip.

    If you're using DOS only, without Windows, this may be more of a challenge.
    I think that if you scan ZDNET for zip utilities, though, that there is one
    or two that allows you to rename files inside a .ZIP archive.

    If your .ZIP files come from Unix, it is important to be aware that Unix
    has case-sensitive filenames (a file named "README" does not conflict with
    a file named "ReadMe"). While .ZIP files are technically supposed to use
    case-INsensitive methods, this may be ignored by Unix implementations, so
    you may need to account for such files as well.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff