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Looking for an INTERLNK.EXE work alike??

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  • Looking for an INTERLNK.EXE work alike??

    Hi guys, Anybody remember the vary brief use of Intrelnk.exe on DOS 6.0, Well I like to get a hold of ether the programs source code or something like it so I can modify it to my own use , Outside of telling me ware to go…. I am trying to develop a program that will upload download data from an old INTERMAC 6210 hand held (is any one familiar with this system) to /from XP windows system any suggestions would be helpful..
    Wayne Stevens

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    Intrelnk (was - is) over serial or parallel port acted like a network I think ?!

    If you can use TCP/IP there is freedos applications and other open source networking stuff that is as long as you have ethernet connections.

    I am not aware of a free interlink or such , keep surfn' .

    I think my buddy used one to stock the grocery store, not sure the model and it was ir interface or ethernet docking and big bucks to buy, thats about it.

    good luck

    A dozen what.


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      Source code for MS-DOS? Not that I've ever heard of... And FreeDOS, which _is_ open source, seems to lack a utility with the same functionality.
      I have written PowerBasic programs that send telemetry streams from a DOS machine to a Windows machine over an RS232 port for data logging, if that helps. Let me know if you'd like the source; one program is in PB DOS 3.5, the other is in PB for Windows Console Compiler, version 4 I think.