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  • DOS Emulator For unix

    Looking for info on emulator for unix O/S
    Machine hardware: sun4m
    OS version: 5.6
    Processor type: sparc
    Hardware: SUNW,SPARCstation-5

    Any ideas?

    Thanks - Rick


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    A program called bochs (, can emulate an x86 machine on many different unix platforms. It will easily run MS-DOS or any other flavor of DOS and will probably run PowerBASIC and PowerBASIC programs just fine.

    According to the page, it was recently able to run on big-endian machines (of which sparc was specifically mentioned).

    In addition to supporting MS-DOS, it can also install and run windows 95 and NT.



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      Thanks Micheal.
      This web page seems to lack a link to obtaining this emulator.

      Any suggestions?




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        The page mentions downloading via anonymous ftp. ftp'ing to:

        seems to do it. Note that you can also see plex86 tarballs there. Plex86 is a virtual machine for x86 only. (check it out if you have a PC - it's cool). boch stuff is in the bochs directory. Looks like they have some docs too. Bochs is not seeing as much development as its sister project, plex86, so the web site doesn't have much. There are several bochs tarballs, and I don't know what is required. Maybe download them all. I'd be interested to hear of success with bochs, dos and powerbasic.



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