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How to format postings to this forum correctly?

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  • How to format postings to this forum correctly?

    (Sorry, this is not a programming question.)

    I wonder what am I doing wrong in respect to formatting messages
    on this board! Maybe somebody can help me?
    - Repeated spaces and tabs disappear. Is there a way to preserve them?
    - When I enter the "Post Message" Window, I find always the option
    "HTML is off", and I did not find how to turn it "On". Does this
    mean I cannot insert HTML tags in my messages (for example to insert
    a hyperlink)?
    - On the other hand, it says, "UBB code is ON". What is UBB code?
    Is this the same or similar to HTML?

    I would be thankful if somebody could help me.

    Hans Ruegg.

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    Check this out...

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