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    I've created a program that basically asks for specific
    information ... once it has this information it is stored
    to a temp file and my DOS based program is then executed.

    Everything works fine and now I would like to give it a face
    lift and add a gui type interface to it... Is there web page
    that I can go to so that i can find out how to make this work?
    I've looked in the book but it isnt of much help... Bacically
    I'm trying to give it that DOS MSD look and feel to it with a
    couple of pull down menus...


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    Hi Mark,

    You may wish to take a look at PB/Vision - it is designed to provide a GUI-like interface to DOS apps by using font-remapping, etc.

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      Mark --

      Are you open to moving your program from PB/DOS to PB/CC? If so, a world of possibilities open up... "real" pulldown menus (as opposed to text-based menus) and a lot of other GUI things would become possible. Download our free Console Tools demo (see links below) and you'll see what I mean...

      -- Eric

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        Dos MSD is not done in GUI type graphic, just DOS graphics,
        such as ASCII and Extended ASCII. Your PBDOS can handle that.
        Theres lot of tool kits around that can do most of it for you.

        I've got a Dropdown for dos written with PB3.0, That I can
        post in the Source code forum. It's simply done, so it
        shouldn't be too hard to follow.

        If you have any questions post them in the programming forum
        or email [email protected]