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  • TextButtonMask Error

    While using PB/Vision in my program I just started using the TextbuttonMask option. After a few weeks later I used one of the commands in my program and it crashed.

    On one of my computers I get a windows error!

    On another system my program just locks up!

    It seems that the problem is when I start my program and execut the command TextButtonMask and then use the "Run" command to restart the program. The program will crash once it his one of the windowing commands that use the Customer Mask that was specified!

    But If I rem out TextButtonMask. It will never crash! I can use the run command as much as needed and it will never crash!

    Ok here is an example!

    Find the demo program datademo.bas in the "vision" folder.

    Compile it! It should work without any trouble!

    Now edit the file and remove the line END at line 56 and replace it with the RUN command.

    Now run the program! It will start fine but once you click on Exit the program will crash!

    Now go back and go to line 132 and 133. REM out both lines that contain TEXTBUTTONMASK!

    Now run the program! You will now be able to exit (and have the program restart) as often as you would like without any error!

    I have tryed this on two systems! Any Idea how I can use TextbuttonMask and use the RUN command to restart my program and have it not crash?

    I use PB 3.5

    Any help would be good!


    Bobby Gage II

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    I found a work around!

    It seems that when you define the TEXTBUTTONMASK option you MUST undefine it before restarting the program! Because if I go and issue the line:

    TEXTBUTTONMASK 1, "99-99-9999"

    at the start of the program then I will need to use


    at the end of the program to remove it... Then I can restart the program using "RUN" and redefine the textbuttonmask again without any trouble... It seems like eather the "RUN" or "APPCLOSE" does not remove this out of memory or somthing, I don't understand why but it doesn't...

    But it seems like this fixes the problem!


    Bobby Gage II