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Features request for PBDOS 4.0

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  • Features request for PBDOS 4.0

    I would like to ask for these feature in PBDOS 4.0

    Ability to use 386 asm instructions and registers
    DPMI support
    Ability to output .OBJ format files
    And to fix the code corruption in the IDE.

    Thank You


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    You can add a vote from me for all 4 of the items... Glad to hear someone else
    about code corruption... I would like to add one request myself. At the moment
    I'm using the PBHELP compiler very often, and I noticed there are many flaws
    and limitations in it...

    The possibility to create your own online help file is really cool, but it would
    be just great if it worked perfectly.

    Some points about (compiling) PBH files:
    - only 6 PBH files are allowed, otherwise PB/IDE terminates
    - does NOT take control codes into account when determining line length
    - fixed page length of 20 lines even in 43/50 line mode
    - automatic line/page wrapping would be great
    - first 2 columns are wasted
    - a link (Ctrl+W) after a colorcode (Ctrl+F) is not displayed properly
    - no real support for /LOOKUP on different /NEWPAGE pages

    Sebastian Groeneveld
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    Sebastian Groeneveld
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>