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  • Books!!!

    Anyone know of any Powerbasic for DOS books at the intermediate
    stage of programming. I have the Sams Learning Basic by Don
    Inman already. I Just need to continue my efforts. Thanks.


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    The User Guide that comes with PB/DOS 3.5 is fairly comprehensive and covers a lot more ground than Learning Basic.

    Which version of PB/DOS are you using? If you are using PB2.1 (which comes with the Learning Basic book), you may want to consider upgrading to PB/DOS 3.5,

    When I first started with TurboBasic, I purchased a couple of TurboBasic-specific books, and most (if not all) of that info is still applicable to PB/DOS (although these books were fairly similar to the Learning Basic book) - you could try a search at some of the 2nd hand book shoip sites and see what you can find.

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      I do have the PB/DOS 3.0 with the Reference and Programming Guide
      and I noticed on the online store they have upgrade available
      for purchase and download electronically. I did make a purchase
      of the upgrade I think it was $59.00. Hopefully they will have
      the documentation you say within that download. I have DSL, so
      there should be no problem in downloading the PB/DOS 3.5 upgrade.
      I usually like an authors teaching method approach. That's why I
      bought the Learning Basic and it has the Exercises at the end
      of each chapter. I'm what you call a newbie at basic even though
      I did take Quickbasic in College I put my thoughts on the shelf
      for years before attempting another chance at it. I tend to get
      bored easily. I do have an insatiable appetite for programming
      it's just other things get in the way (e.g., flying lessons, futures
      and commodities). Those types of things. I'm eager to learn, I
      just need some direction, that's all. Thanks for your reply.



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        PB/DOS 3.5, even the upgrade version, comes with a pair of manuals. If you order for email delivery,
        the manuals will be shipped to you separately, unless you request otherwise. PB/DOS does have online
        help, but that is not equivalent to the manuals.

        Tom Hanlin
        PowerBASIC Staff