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Scroll with PB 3.5 DOS (screen 12)

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  • Tom Hanlin
    Hmmm. That's 100 frames/second, isn't it? I'm not clear that the eye can usefully process updates that quickly, even if the monitor, display adapter, and other hardware can keep up. Are you sure you need that kind of speed?

    What kind of computer hardware are you targeting?

    You might want to ask the folks at Fastgraph if they have any solutions: -- they've been in the graphics business a long time and are experts at this sort of thing.

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff

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  • Gustavo Asplanatti
    started a topic Scroll with PB 3.5 DOS (screen 12)

    Scroll with PB 3.5 DOS (screen 12)

    I want to right scroll some region of the screen [ (0,20) - (639,420) ]
    each 10 millisec. This screen visualizes the evolution of the
    frequency of the electric net (in wave form), and the speed is very
    Do you know how can I make it ? Do you have some routine that I
    can use?

    Gustavo Asplanatti