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  • PB/CC and PB/DOS

    When Ive finished making my wham-bam spectacular DOS program, is it worth porting it to PB/CC? (ie. for my customers who use it through Windows rather than DOS). Obviously the DOS version runs fine under Windows, so should I bother making a PB/CC version as well?
    Thanks very much,


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    Ask your customers and prospects?

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Wayne --

      > should I bother making a PB/CC version as well?

      If all you are going to do is a direct port, then I'd say No. What's the point? (Unless your customers/prospects care, as Michael said.)

      But porting to PB/CC would allow your program to do a lot of things that a PB/DOS program can't do. Even simple things like changing the console caption and using Long File Names might make it worth doing.

      -- Eric

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        My app doesn't use any APIs so I don't need to port it to PB/CC simply to do things that can't be done in PB/DOS, Im just wondering strictly about performance. If there are performance improvements to be gained out of a PB/CC version then I'll happily make one, but if it's going to be just the same as the PB/DOS one then obviously a port would be pretty much useless...



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          Currently, I am using both.

          M$ Basic PDS7 & PBCC, actually.

          For example, I have just converted some printout code to use the Windows print API by dumping a file & then shelling to a small PBCC prog to print it, instead of printing it out of PDS7.

          I shall also use a similar technique to email reports.

          I have far too much stuff to convert it, I tried, 90% went really easily, the remaining 10%, well..........



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            Some more on the above topic, I have just tried LFN in PDS7, and it works! (But only in windows)

            INT21 AX=714Eh for Findfirst, etc.

            Ralf Brown's essential Interrupt docs. (available on this site) reveals all.