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Free BBS Door Library for PB35

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  • Free BBS Door Library for PB35

    It's been awhile since I worked on my PBMDM library, but I converted it
    to PB-DOS v3.5 and Included the source code to it as well. This has
    been long overdue... I just never got around to it, but it is done.
    Anyway, this is an add-on library for PBDOS 3.5 that will make writing
    BBS Doors very simple. Included with the library are some sample BBS
    Door program source files. This library is very easy to use and now
    includes the full source code to the library itself.

    I don't have a Web Page up for PB Source files yet (But one is on the way)
    so Below is a direct download link for the zipfile.

    check out the other downloads by visiting this page.


    Scott Slater

    Scott Slater
    Summit Computer Networks, Inc.

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    I wrote a PBComm routine and a front end for BBS's called "InterSceptre" and another called "BBS-Down!", basically took over answering the phone and such.
    if you need an y code for any of these projects let me know, have ane xtensive library...
    I don't normally peruze the PBDOs board much, doing most of this in PB/CC now but email me at:
    http://mailto:[email protected]

    If that did not provide a hyperlink just use [email protected]

    Scott Turchin
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