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wav down the phone

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    wav down the phone

    What I am trying do do is dial a number via an external modem
    then send out a wav from the sound card to the mic input of the modem.
    Ideally I would like to keep playing the message until the phone is
    hung up or the message has been playing for 2 minutes(?). Lance Edmonds
    replied to an earlier post on how to pick up and hang up the modem
    but I was wondering whether there is feedback to say the phone has been hung
    up. I have no real idea how to drive the modem or play wav's at this
    stage so the more/better the code the greater help it will be to me.


    First, the modem has to support voice mode, and AFAIK there is no universal or generic standard for voice and WAV handling commands.

    However, if the modem does support voice control through it's internal firmware, the modem commands will have to be sought from the modem manufacturer who should be able to advise you on how to program the modem.

    In Windows, this kind of functionality is handled by TAPI (the Telephone Application Programmers Interface) in conjunction with the modem driver. Under DOS? You will have to ask your voice modem manufacturer.

    As far as detecting a 'hang up', that again will likely depend on the modem. Standard modems do not generally report such details unless a data or fax connection was established. Timing the whole procedure and forcing a hang up after 2 minutes is not that difficult (there are standard "return to command mode" and hang-up commands that can be sent to the modem).

    What kind of modem do you have in mind? Bearing in mind that WinModems will not be usable from DOS (unless the Windows Driver somehow supports DOS).

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