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Exactly what is a PB 611 error is PB 3.5 for DOS?

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  • Exactly what is a PB 611 error is PB 3.5 for DOS?

    Subject says it all, I guess.

    What is it? What causes it? What does one look for to cure it?

    I see then every so often, then after I'll add a few lines of
    code, or take them away .. this error vanishes...

    This latest one abruptly arose over:

       IF DMY% = 0 THEN 
          DMYR$ = DEY$
       END IF
    It was in a .PBU module which is at 63K in size. I found out all
    I had to do to break it was recode these three lines:

        IF DMY% = 0 THEN DMYR$ = DEY$
    In that I really don't like more than one item on a line so that
    I can as always as possible comment every line, and keep it
    all visible on the screen, I tried another one. I've also
    found that virtually every time I see this erupt, if I ever
    get to know what did it, I can pull another stunt to kill it:

    ' Just above the SUB in which it erupts add:
    SUB USELESS() PUBLIC      Useless code sub here
       GGG% = 0 '             Useless operation
       END SUB
    Either way lets me go forward with the work. Neither way
    puts this .PBU into the 64K size. Most of the time you don't
    even have to put anything in the useless SUB, just an END SUB.

    Seems inane to me but I'd like to know the reason for this
    error .. and whatever I'm doing that evokes it.
    Thank you

    Mike Luther
    [email protected]

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    Mike Luther
    [email protected]

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    All my notes say is that it a 611 is an internal compiler error.

    The doc's say to report to Tech Support if you encounter the problem (along with the code that shows the problem during compilation). If you do, I'll ask R&D about it on your behalf.


    PowerBASIC Support
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      Sheesh, I can't believe how little I've worked in MS-DOS this past year and what a task it is to remember, but...

      I recall PB/DOS could get flaky when code size got near a code segment limit. Program would do things like not update one variable correctly, which of course can cause weirder problems later; and then on one of the rare occasions when I would resort to the stepping debugger to try to figure out what I had done wrong, you'd encounter strange leaps (that's 'jumps' for the more savvy).

      I was always able to solve the problem by resegmenting.

      Michael Mattias
      Tal Systems (retired)
      Port Washington WI USA
      [email protected]