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Find positon of current Windows cursor

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  • Find positon of current Windows cursor

    Here's the situation:
    I'm in a Windows program. I see a piece of info I need to pass
    along to another program. I place the cursor at the first byte
    of info. Now, how do I get PowerBasic to do this? Will the DOS
    version handle the situation or will I have go to to the Windows
    version? Thanks. coathanger


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    In Windows, the "cursor" is the mouse pointer, and the "caret" indicates the text-insertion point.

    I gather you are talking about the caret and you want to copy/paste some text from a Windows Edit control?

    If this is the case, you can't do it from DOS, and in Windows it is not completely straight forward since memory is separated between Processes (applications).

    If I have this completely wrong, can you please explain your requirements in a little more detail? What kind of "info" do you want to capture? If the info is graphical (ie, drawn on a window), then the situation is even more complex.

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      After re-reading my post, I didn't do a very good job of
      explaining my need. I'm in a Windows program and I find a
      Part Number I'm interested in. I want to capture that Part
      Number from the screeen (that's why I need row/col where
      cursor is), save it to a file where it can be read from a
      dBASE IV (DOS) program (database of auto parts on hand). I
      did this with a TSR in DOS but that was when all the programs
      were in DOS. I can do what I want to by having the operator
      block the Part Number and put it in the Clipboard but I want to
      avoid as many steps as possible. Thanks. Stan Kelley