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displaying JPGs & GIFs?

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  • displaying JPGs & GIFs?

    In Quickbasic 4.5, I displayed Gifs & Jpgs by using a Dos
    graphics viewer and simply shelling to that. Example:

    Filename$ = "C:\Acctng\Showjpg c:\Acctng\"
    Shell Filename$

    And it worked.

    When I tried that in Powerbasic, it did not. So I thought I
    would simply write it again in Quickbasic, compile it to an
    EXE and just use Shell to call it again from Powerbasic. No go.

    So I am stuck- how do I display a GIF & JPGs/JPEGs from
    Powerbasic? Someone told me convert them to SCRs but I am not
    sure what they are.

    I am using Powerbasic 3.5 for Dos.


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    I have proven and it worked.
    Do you have enough free memory?
    It can also prove some routines that exist in:

    There is several that you can use to visualize GIF and JPG.

    Be luck!!

    Gustavo Asplanatti
    [email protected]

    Gustavo Asplanatti
    Gustavo Asplanatti
    gustavoa at


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      In what way does it not work? Have you checked ERR after the SHELL?

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        It closes the Dos window. I am using Windows Me. I am using an
        AMD 850 processor. I have 38G free remaining on the hard drive.
        In Windows, the message says:

        The program has performed an illegal operation
        and will be terminated. Quit all programs and
        then restart your computer.

        If the program consistently encounters problems,
        click the Start button, then select Help,
        Troubleshooting, and "If you have trouble running
        MS-DOS programs.

        Yes, I tried trapping the error using ERR. As near as I can tell, the
        program attempts to run that Shell command, but MS-DOS seems
        to stop before actually going back to the program. (Well, that is
        how is appears to me.) I am not sure it gets far enough to get
        to the routine to report the ERR number. Let me admit this: I am
        not THAT good at using ERR, and ERL. Our professor at school
        told us if we were good at this, then we did not need it. I wish
        he taught it anyway.

        My thinking at this point is the viewer itself is probably ok, it
        works from the Dos prompt and also works from the SHELL inside

        Should I post the code? It is only two lines. If I
        do, anyone wanting to try it will also need a copy of the
        graphics viewer. I am not sure how to post EXE files, it is
        shareware though.

        Thanks guys.




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          Oooh. Bad professor! Bad! Proper use of ERR is vital for writing robust
          software, besides being awfully handy for debugging.

          Did you try the PowerBASIC program only inside the IDE? You might want
          to compile the program to an .EXE and run that instead. That will make
          a difference in terms of memory used (conventional and maybe EMS).

          Have you tried SHELLing other programs from PowerBASIC? This problem is
          most likely tied to SHOWJPG, but it would be worth making sure.

          You can find PB/DOS source code for viewing a variety of image formats
          in the Downloads area here.

          Tom Hanlin
          PowerBASIC Staff