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  • Is this a good idea?

    For my current project, I am working on a game called "Orbit Zone". As it stands now, gameplay centers around launching satellites into orbit (10). I want to expand this game so that there are several missions, including planetary exploration, both within the solar system and others as well. Perhaps the permise will be: "Launch a satellite to orbit x-world and then use the data to launch a colony ship." Then, colonize the world and make lots of xyz dollars. The score is then written to a high score file, and if you reach x number of points, you are deemed "Grand Master" of the Universe (or something like that).

    But the idea is there. Any ideas? Is this a nuts project or is it doable?

    I managed to simulate a "satellite orbiting the Earth" effect. Pretty cool! I used SCREEN 13 and Tsugumo's JSprite to make the sprites. I thought of just using LINE to draw the satellite "blip", but couldn't discover a way to do that without some sort of "IF color=blue (the sea) or color=green (land) blink satellite off and on as it moves".

    Anyway, let me know if this all sounds like a cool game idea. I am planning to use either PB/DOS or PB/CC (with other graphical libraries) to complete this game.

    For details, please visit:


    [email protected]

    Few cats act their age, while
    most just cough up furballs.
    Few cats act their age, while
    most just cough up furballs.