Hey R&D

- Adding Protected (DPMI) and Realmode in IDE and PBC
- Build-in 32-bit assembler
- Support macro's and 80x87 assembler instructions
- Standalone debugger
- Advanced IDE like Borland Pascal IDE (user friendly)
- More math functions like MATRIX, DIFF, INTERGRALS
- Graphic toolset PBL format not in the compiler.
- Add ons for external applications like running PBVision/Workshop

- Remove GOTO, ON GOTO statements
- More compiler directives for ON | OFF swithes
- Overlays

That's is it


I will see that faclilities in the next versions of PB

Ps: I'm working on een PBDOS Editor for PBDOS but I'm reading the book
for working with QuickPak Pro and PBVision/Workshop.