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Help needed with freeware library

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  • Help needed with freeware library

    Quite a few years back I release some libraries under the name "PBTools". The last released version was PBTools:Classic.

    Some people might remember that I was working on a library called "PBTools:Professional" for PB/DOS 3.2 just before I came to work for PowerBASIC, Inc. Unfortunately, I never had time to document the library (over 600 routines, mostly assembler) so that it could be released.

    Since I'm not doing any programming in DOS any more (except for tech support related stuff), I've decided to give away the library for free. But it still needs some type of documentation.

    Each routine in the library is fully documented in source code comments. I just never gathered it all together into a single file.

    The freeware library will be several .PBL files for PB/DOS 3.5. Is anyone interested in helping to create some kind of documentation in exchange for a license to the actual source code?


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    Greetings Dave!

    I was browsing along the archives and came across this message. Is this offer still available? Would there be a use for it with PowerBasic 3.5?

    I'd love to compile and edit your documentation for it if still available.

    Don Ewald
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    Donnie Ewald
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