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Release time after shell?

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  • Release time after shell?

    If shelling to a Windows program is it
    a good idea to pause or release a timeslice
    to Windows? I have a program that sometimes
    locks up after shelling and changing screen modes.


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    If you are using WINLINK, then the DOS process is suspended anyway, so there should be no problem.

    If you are launching a GUI app directly from a SHELL (which is launched as a separate process), then releasing time slices in the DOS app is probably a good idea, but that should not cause the GUI app to lock up.

    Are you using ULTRASHELL or anything else like that?

    The following is a commentary on timer slices:

    A DOS app should always release time slices when running under Windows. ie, if it is sitting in a 'wait' loop (wait for a keypress, wait 1 seconds, etc). It's the "nice" way to write an application.

    I have actually had a couple of folks ask me why one of my (now very old) DOS apps needed 100% CPU when waiting for the user to make a Main Menu selection! Not a smooth look.

    Now I know better...

    For the lurkers here, you release a time slice while waiting for a keypress like this:
        IsWindows% = istrue bit(pbvHost,8)
        if ucase$(environ$("OS")) = "WINDOWS_NT" then IsWindows% = -1
        while not instat
            if IsWindows% then
                ! push DS
                ! mov AX, &H1680
                ! int &H2F
                ! pop DS
            end if
        a$ = inkey$

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      I can't seem to duplicate the problem now.
      Anyway, not using any other shell program.
      I'm going to release some time slices.
      Thanks for the fast response!