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  • TCP/IP for DOS

    I am looking for the way to send data in a LAN, it can be with TCP/IP or FTP, or something similar. The project is to send 7 bytes each 40 ms and that some clients can read it and to process them. Or that several clients can read these 7 bytes of a single server in that time.
    Before someone recommends it to me, I can only use PB DOS 3.5 and DOS, Windows NOT!! (In the server). This is due to that the application " Server " should be quick and sure (reading of data in real time to a speed of 10 ms), and it can also be restarted (if there is some error) without the complications of Windows. This is due to that is an application industrial type.
    Something more... Does somebody know if PB plans to make an upgrade of the version PB DOS 3.5?...
    If it is This new version would it include support TCP/IP for DOS?
    I believe that this would be wonderful, since, although Microsoft wants to kill DOS, this still has a long life in industrial applications...
    Thank you...

    Gustavo Asplanatti
    [email protected]
    Gustavo Asplanatti
    gustavoa at

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    An upgrade of PB/DOS is expected. No information is available about "when" or new features.

    Check the Downloads area:

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      As to M$ killing DOS, I am informed by a source in a (very) large
      EPOS company that last year's DOS sales were the highest ever, due to its popularity in embedded hardware, tills, lift controllers, and other such applications. How about:
      "A GPF has occurred in Application ABS. Please contact your system Administrator". Anyone for Drive-By-Wire under Windows?
      I thought not!



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        I am hoping I can get enough talented programmers together to help
        convert Sebatian Mate's TCP/IP software for QB over to PB...

        I have to honestly say, I am good at looking at information and
        solving problems in PB with my own code, but I'm pretty much
        lost when it comes to looking at other people's code. The most
        I can do is literal conversions of the QB functions to something
        that works in PB.

        What I can do so far is detect the packet driver, find it's address
        and check if the TCP ABI driver is loaded, and it's address.

        I need some pretty detailed and straight forward information on
        communicating with the packet driver;
        • What registers to fill with what data
        • what interrupt to call, or what address in memory to poke to
        • what is returned, and where

        I also need to know the exact format of data I will be receiving.

        I have some of the information, but reading the technical documents
        I have on packets is like translating a language I am familiar
        with but not fluent's readable, but slow going, and I
        sometimes can't make full sense of it.

        Keep in mind that this is real mode DOS....I am trying to talk
        directly to standard FTP, Inc. and 100% compatible packet drivers.
        (FTP, Inc. might also be known as Clarkson or Crynwr (sp?))

        I know some of you use other NON-DOS operating systems, and that
        is fine, if you want to add compatibility for your network layer,
        feel free...but I can't help much.

        Anyway, watch for a zip file in the Downloads section of (...I intend to make SmallDesk
        do some networking.)

        Ok, I guess I have rambled long enough....if you want to help do
        the TCP thing, just grab the Zip, and feel free to do what you can.

        E-Mail it back to me, and I will make sure the Zip is kept up to


        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>