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Query on the F-Keys and KEY statement

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  • Lance Edmonds
    Not that I am aware of. Introducing such a change this late in the day stands a good chance of breaking existing code which is a prime concern, but I'll still pass the suggestion along to R&D.


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  • Frank Ferrell
    started a topic Query on the F-Keys and KEY statement

    Query on the F-Keys and KEY statement

    greetings --

    when powerbasic dos was created, some things that have been with basic since its
    inception were retained, such as goto, gosub and stop. also, powerbasic dos allows
    the use of an old basic command -- the ? mark -- in place of the preferred print

    another feature of powerbasic comes from the days of gw-basic: the key statement,
    where f-keys 1 thru 10 (key 1, key 2, key 3, etc.) could be programmed for special
    needs. quickbasic/qbasic allowed for programming of f11 (key 30) and f12 (key 31)
    as well and powerbasic does too.

    i am curious -- did powerbasic consider re-structuring the language so that all 12
    keys could be defined as follows --
    f-keys     definition
    unshifted: key  1 thru key 12
    shifted:   key 13 thru key 24
    w/ ctrl:   key 25 thru key 36
    w/ alt:    key 37 thru key 48
    custom keys: key 49 thru key 255 -- any other keys on the board

    thanx-a-lot, enjoy and god bless vespucci-land,
    frank -- my humble abode -- 4000-and-beyond