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Using LPT1 as a COM PORT

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  • Using LPT1 as a COM PORT

    I need TWO comports, I am trying to capture what is being sent through a comport from both directions.
    If I had a laptop with two comports, that would solve the problem, but I don't. I am tryin to work
    with what I got. Is it possible to use the printer port as a COM PORT just to get the information and
    send it back out through the COM port and viceversa. (COM --> Printer port)

    Any thoughts would be a great help!


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    Hi guy,

    Use NTPort.DLL or PORTS16.PBU


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      I dont think you can use a printer port as a COM port, LPT ports
      use TTL voltage levels (0/5 V., COM ports use +/- 12V, that is the
      only reason you have -12V on a PC power supply.
      Do you have USB? If so, you can get a plug-in to give various
      additional ports.



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        Not only do you have incompatable power requirements but the
        parallel port processes 8 bits at a time. Hence it has 8 lines
        (plus handshaking, etc). A serial port has only one line.

        Now for the good news: There are Serial<->Parallel bi-directional
        converters on the market. Don't see why you couldn't use one to
        feed-back to the COMx or LPTx.

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