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    One powerful part of pb 3.5 is the possibility to use one and the same program on a couple of different Systems.
    For Example: My slowly growing program works nicely under Win64 and Linux32 in DoxBox and in Linux32 Dosemu.
    What do we need today, what was impossible in yesterdays times?
    A "little" program for private and daily work with all the thinks one likes to use...
    What an interesting hobby to create todays "intelligent" software with a programming tool from the middle nineties in 16-Bit-DOS with the little RAM-possibilities?

    For example, using a mousedriver, that uses the old DOS-range of 25/43/50 x 80 in Textmode in a 60 x 134 System was an interesting Problem.
    And with the "pointer-system" I created an Textmodesystem which handles the screenpages individually, so that i can use my Pointer-"PCopy" in any Combination of Lines and Columns...

    Ok, nobody needs something like this - but me...

    But I like it to find a way to realize some of my old "childhood"dreams...

    And My Program(s) can run on many Systems without any more work of mine...

    Poor English, sorry, bur it might be understandable... ;.)

    And: Today I can get "Tons" of knowledge in form of articles, books or code-snippets free on the net, for which one would have to pay hundreds of Dollars or DMarks or Euros...

    Wish you the Best


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      I got all that you said fine and agree.
      No programming language vs PBDOS vs PBCC/WIN
      seems like
      walking vs having a moped vs having a car
      i.e. the latter two in each set seem far apart UNTIL you consider the former,
      and then realise how close they, by comparison.
      You can STILL get an awful lot done in DOS compared to the manual alternative.
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