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    PB Newbie

    Hi there !
    I am a absolutly Newbie with PB ! Please dont hurt me

    Ok, ive just a Problem with a Compiled Programm. In my Version
    ( PB 3.20) Files like "stdio.h" are not exists in the main installation
    folder ! But in the script (*.bas File) there are entrys like
    $include stdio.h. I cant File(s).

    So what can i do, where can i get those Files ?

    Please anyone help me, i promise i will practice !

    Thank You !!!



    It sounds like you are a C programmer. An Include file such as
    stdio.h does not exist in PowerBASIC. Input and output operations
    are part of the compiler (INPUT, LINE INPUT, INKEY$, PRINT,
    and WRITE). These commands are well documented in the online
    help. Press the F1 key twice and select language reference.

    The $INCLUDE can be used to insert soucrce code into your

    Also, if I am correct, the lastest DOS version is PB 3.5, which I
    would recommend that you use.




      How did you aquire a copy of PB 3.2 when 3.5 is the current shipping version. Were you shipped the wrong version in error?

      If you were, you may want to contact PB directly with your information (name, email address, etc.) to get the proper version.

      George W. Bleck
      Senior System Engineer
      KeySpan Corporation
      <b>George W. Bleck</b>
      <img src=''>


        I does sound like something may have gone wrong in the order processing.

        Regardless, please contact PowerBASIC Tech Support ASAP, and we'll check it out for you. Please be sure to include your serial number and contact details with your email.


        PowerBASIC Support
        mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
        mailto:[email protected]


          Hi Allen !

          Are u sure with the part of "stdio.h does not exist in PowerBASIC" ?

          I ask because a friend says it will still be included in PB !?

          Maybe he dont know it right !?

          ok i will show u the syntax

          $stack 3000
          $include "stdio.h" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS PART !!!!!!!!!!!!
          $include "win_man.h" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS PART !!!!!!!!!!!!
          $include "dia.h" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS PART !!!!!!!!!!!!
          $include "system.h"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS PART !!!!!!!!!!!!
          $include "dos_dir.h"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS PART !!!!!!!!!!!!

          DefInt A-Z
          shared dpart$,gesamt$,pfad$,cname$,umfeld$

          Call clearscr
          Call ArtDerInstallation
          Call Parameter
          Call Plattengroesse
          Call Maske


          Sub ArtDerInstallation()
          nr = FreeFile: Open "a:\temp\um_set.txt" For Input As #nr
          While Not EOF(nr)
          Line Input #nr, zeile$
          temp$ = UCase$(zeile$)
          If Mid$(temp$, 1, 10) = "SET UMFELD" Then umfeld$ = Mid$(temp$, 12)
          Close #nr
          End Sub

          Sub Plattengroesse()
          'Plattengroesse ermitteln
          temp$ = pfad$ + "\gdisk.exe 1 /status > " + pfad$ + "\naspa.inf": Shell temp$

          nr = FreeFile: Open pfad$ + "\naspa.inf" For Input As #nr
          While Not EOF(nr)
          Line Input #nr, zeile$
          For i = Len(zeile$) To 1 Step -1
          If Mid$(zeile$, i, 1) = " " Then Exit For
          Next i
          xgesamt$ = Right$(zeile$, Len(zeile$) - i)
          If xgesamt$ = "Mbytes" Then
          Line Input #nr, zeile$
          For i = Len(zeile$) To 1 Step -1
          If Mid$(zeile$, i, 1) = " " Then Exit For
          Next i
          gesamt$ = Right$(zeile$, Len(zeile$) - i)
          exit loop
          End If
          Close #nr
          End Sub

          Sub Maske()
          'Maske aufrufen
          diainputsize = 29: diaframetype = 2: diashadow = 0: diaprintattr = 127
          call diawin (1,4,9,45,"",%ON )

          Call diainp(1, 3, "Computername : ", 1, 24, 15, cname$)
          Call diaprint(2, 3, "Plattengroesse (MB): " + gesamt$)
          Call diainp(3, 3, "Umfeld (Prod/Entw) : ", 3, 24, 15, umfeld$)
          Call diainp(4, 3, "D-Partition (MB) : ", 4, 24, 15, dpart$)
          Call diaprint(5, 3, "Diskettenversion 3.00 ")

          Call diapush(6, 8, " ^Ok ")
          Call diapush(6, 25, "^Abbruch")

          d = dialog: l = lastkeyx
          if l=%ESC then exit loop
          if l=%ENTER then
          If d = 4 Then
          Call PartDef
          exit loop
          End If
          if d=>5 then exit loop
          End If
          End Sub

          Sub PartDef()
          gesamt = Val(gesamt$)
          dpart = Min(Val(dpart$), 2000)
          gesamtmin = Min(gesamt, 8000)

          cpart = gesamtmin - dpart
          cpart$ = Right$(Str$(cpart), Len(Str$(cpart)))
          cpart$ = LTrim$(cpart$): cpart$ = RTrim$(cpart$)

          cpartmin = Min(cpart, 2000)
          cpartmin$ = Right$(Str$(cpartmin), Len(Str$(cpartmin)))
          cpartmin$ = LTrim$(cpartmin$): cpartmin$ = RTrim$(cpartmin$)

          'Datei UM_SET.BAT erzeugen
          nr = FreeFile: Open "a:\temp\um_set.bat" For Output As #nr
          temp$ = "set cpart=" + cpart$: Print #nr, temp$
          temp$ = "set cpartmin=" + cpartmin$: Print #nr, temp$
          temp$ = "set cname=" + cname$: Print #nr, temp$
          temp$ = "set umfeld=" + umfeld$: Print #nr, temp$
          Close #nr
          End Sub

          Sub Parameter()
          temp$ = UCase$(Command$)
          If temp$ = "" Or InStr(temp$, "/P:") = 0 Or InStr(temp$, "/G:") = 0 Then Call KeinePara
          p = InStr(1, temp$, "/P:") + 3
          g = InStr(1, temp$, "/G:") + 3
          pfad$ = Mid$(temp$, p, g - 8)
          dpart$ = Mid$(temp$, g)
          End Sub

          Sub KeinePara()
          Print "Es wurden keine Parameter angegeben!!!"
          End Sub


          can u help me ?




            Hi Dennis,

            I know Your "stdio.h" - it is a part of the German Power Tools I+II
            from Dirk Hilger. They are good. You can get them form "Kirschbaum Soft"
            in Germany.

            Greetings from Germany

            Matthias Kuhn [email protected]



              > Hi there !
              > I am a absolutly Newbie with PB ! Please dont hurt me


              Don't worry, I'm a newbie too, just started yesterday! I have
              been playing about with the compiler all day yesterday and
              blimey, it's FAST! I would say 60% of the language I'm familiar
              with, the rest I need to learn. Now I can throw away the C


              - Rav



                Hi Dennis,

                From my experience with c and c++, those include files sound like
                header files for these languages and not for PowerBASIC. I have
                been using PowerBASIC, since it was TurboBASIC and I have never
                seen stdio.h or any of the other .h files you listed included
                with the DOS compiler.

                I see in your code that you have a Call clearscr. PowerBASIC has
                a CLS command that will clear the video display.

                From your include files, it looks like your attempting to do
                windows programming. You might be better off using PB/DLL or